• Courtney Dianne

Staying the Course

It's funny how, when life gets busy, it's often the habits and things that ground us, humble us, comfort us, and remind us of our connectedness to one another and the divine that are the first to fall by the wayside when worldly trappings and measures of success seemingly materialize on the horizon. And I speak from personal experience, having neglected this blog for the past two weeks. It's not to say I hadn't envisioned some crowd-pleasing and timely post on what and where to buy for all the throngs of first-time pet parents spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. I just couldn't be bothered to write the post. Part of it was momentum at work, of which I was keen to take advantage, and, if I'm honest, part of it was me balking at the pressure to churn out content that's search engine optimized, easily consumable, and eventually monetizable.

So here I am, back at the keyboard. But, instead of writing that kitschy post about every new pet parent's must-haves, I'm facing down a rollercoaster of emotions from this past weekend and gleaning from it what I know to be true. That is, (1) how much joy, companionship, and laughter my dog brings me; (2) that being active in nature, particularly on and near water, both soothes me and boosts my endorphins; and (3) that people come and go from one's life, including those that might feel irreplaceable, but, in any given moment, I have all that I need within me (wisdom, unconditional love, and forgiveness). So I pray you, too, hold fast to the things you know to be true and a swift return when you inevitably veer off-course.

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Dianne


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